BMW Motorcycle Shipping (The Best Guide for BMW)

Although BMW is mainly known for its cars, it made motorcycles before automobiles. The BMW Motorrad brand was released in 1923. BMW produces quality touring motorcycles, and BMW Motorrad K 1600 GTl is a top-selling model that will give a comfortable ride. This motorcycle is equipped with luxurious features that will provide you with the best riding experience.

Whatever the reason you may have for shipping your motorcycle, if you plan a cross-country motorcycle trip, moving with a bike, you want to sell your bike, you should know what the best BMW motorcycle shipping options are.

So how do you ship your BMW motorcycle? There are many important things that you need to take into account when shipping your BMW motorcycle, and choosing a trusted and reliable motorcycle shipper is the most important one. Since BMW motorcycles are expensive, you want a company that will care for them with the most care.

Further in this article, we will show you all the shipping methods and motorcycle transportation costs to prepare you. Stay with us for more information about BMW motorcycle shipping.

The Biggest Reasons to Ship a BMW Motorcycle

One of the biggest reasons you would want to ship your BMW motorcycle is to go on a road trip to locations that are hundreds or thousands of miles from your location. BMW is one of the most quality brands that makes the best touring bikes that are the best options for cross-country trips and longer rides.

Motorcycle Rallies

Going to one of the best motorcycle rallies like Myrtle Beach Bike Week or Sturgis is another reason you may have to ship your BMW motorcycle if you don’t want to ride your bike to the rallies.

Cross-Country Motorcycle Trip

A cross-country motorcycle trip is another reason why you would want to ship your motorcycle and explore destinations and locations across the East and West coast, the Grand Canyon state, the Great Smoky Mountains that are more than 400 miles long, exploring the Pacific Coast Highway and many more beautiful destinations that the United States have to offer.

A great thing about BMW touring motorcycles is that cross-country rides will be a comfortable while, at the same time, you will enjoy the scenic views of America’s top destinations.

Note: For more helpful tips and tricks about motorcycle cross-country trips, click here.

Your dream ride is just a matter of your time and will. You can go on a trip from the east coast to the west coast and vice versa without worrying about traveling back on your motorcycle if you don’t feel to ride the same long way; motorcycle shipping will make it possible to get your bike back to your origin address. You don’t have to worry about a thing.


Buying or selling your BMW motorcycle in another part of the US is another valid reason you’d need trusted and reliable motorcycle transportation. Shipping your motorcycle to auctions like the Mecum motorcycle, where many riders sell classic BMW motorcycle models like the BMW R60 or the vintage R32, you need to ensure that your bike comes in one piece and without any damage.


Relocating is one of many reasons why riders want to ship their motorcycles. Selecting a shipping company with years of motorcycle shipping experience will save you time, money, and worry about how your motorcycle is treated.

Here is a couple of things that you should know about Moving with a Motorcycle.

How to Ship a BMW Motorcycle?

You can choose many options when you ship your BMW motorcycle, but the most important choice you need to make is to choose if you want your bike to be transported in an enclosed or open trailer. If you choose an open trailer, you need to know that your motorcycle is exposed to many harmful elements such as wind, rain, snow, or road debris that can be found along the way.

Open Trailer

An open trailer should be an option only if you ship your motorcycle for short distances and the transportation won’t be longer than a couple of hours. Even if you transport your bike on a short route, there is also a possibility that your motorcycle will get damaged if you choose open transport.

Enclosed Transport

My friend and I preparing motorcycles for transportation

Enclosed transport is the best shipping option for your motorcycle because it protects your motorcycle from harmful outside elements such as wind, rain, dust, road debris, snow, or other factors that could damage your motorcycle. You need to strap your motorcycle to a custom pallet or crated and make sure the trailer is entirely enclosed, so your motorcycle is protected at all times.

Enclosed transport is the best solution for shipping motorcycles like luxury BMWs or vintage and classic BMWs. You need to go with a motorcycle shipping company specializing in motorcycle shipping and use the proper techniques and equipment required for safe shipping.

Here you can learn about proper motorcycle shipping and How to Ship a Motorcycle, as well as the best options you have.

How to Prepare a BMW Motorcycle for Shipping?

If you have a touring motorcycle, you need to prepare it to get to the desired location in perfect condition without any damage. Here are the steps you need to take to prepare your BMW motorcycle for shipping:

  • Photograph the entire motorcycle, especially any existing damage
  • Wash and clean your bike
  • Take off accessories, alarms, loose items
  • Ensure that your fuel tank is around 25% filled or less
  • Inflate your tires

What Is the Cost of BMW Motorcycle Shipping?

The cost of shipping your BMW motorcycle is affected by many factors, and these are the one that has the most effect:

  • Transportation type
  • Transportation distance
  • Weight and type of your motorcycle (heavy and oversized motorcycles cost more)
  • The origin and destination, and the route itself
  • Possible fuel surcharges
  • Choosing the option of using a company’s warehouse
  • Motorcycle transportation discounts
  • Motorcycle transportation insurance
  • Priority shipping
  • Extra charges
  • Hidden fees

Shipping your motorcycle from an urban area near major transport routes is most affordable, and the cost of shipping ranges from 0.40$-1$ per mile. This mainly depends on the origin state, destination, and the distance between these two locations.

If you want to learn more about Motorcycle Shipping Costs, you can find all the details here.

BMW Motorcycle Shipping Companies

Like we said a couple of times before, you need to choose a trusted and reliable motorcycle shipping provider that will take care of your motorcycle from the beginning in the preparation phase, during transportation, and once it arrives at the desired location.

Tip: Avoid using services from car shipping companies since they are not specialized in motorcycle shipping. The equipment and techniques used in car shipping are very different from those used in motorcycle shipping. Go with a motorcycle shipping company with years of experience in the motorcycle shipping business.

Federal Motorcycle Transport is a company that has 30 years of experience and is reliable and trusted if you need to transport your BMW motorcycle and you can’t go wrong with them.

They use custom pallets, covered transportation, and also air ride trailers. You can also choose options like shipping date customization and shipment tracking.


BMW motorcycles are one of the most quality motorcycle brands you can choose, and you won’t go wrong with them. They are very luxurious motorcycles and pretty expensive, so you need to take them with the utmost care possible. Choosing a reliable and trusted motorcycle shipping company will help your bike get in one piece without any damage or scratches from the place of origin to the desired destination.

We wanted to give you all the best possible information and details about shipping your BMW motorcycle. We think that going with Federal Motorcycle Transport, you won’t have problems and will be very satisfied.


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