The Gear Required to Ride a Motorcycle (MUST HAVE!!!)

Riding a motorcycle comes with a certain level of inherent risk. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that riding a motorcycle is 33 times riskier than driving a car. 

There is a proverb that circulates within the culture of motorcycling that states there are 2 categories of riders: riders who have fallen, and those who have not collided yet. 

Don’t allow this to put you off; if you have the right clothing and protection, you can still appreciate how incredible riding is while keeping your skin on your body.

In this article, we will discuss the following topics:

  • Motorcycle Helmet 
  • Leather Motorcycle Gloves 
  • Motorcycle Jacket 
  • Motorcycle Boots 
  • Motorcycle Pants

Helmet for Motorbike Use

A helmet is a primary item that you are going to require. There are some states that do not have any form of a helmet law. It’s possible to ride a motorcycle without a helmet. 

On the other hand, there are a lot of benefits that come along with opting to ride with a motorcycle helmet as opposed to riding without one.

What happens to your face stays with you. I’ve been involved in a few separate motorbike collisions, and each time, to my great fortune, I was wearing the appropriate protective gear at the time. 

During one of the collisions, my face was pushed around the ground for approximately twenty feet. However, I was wearing a full-face helmet, which enabled me to keep my chin on my face at all times. 

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Believe me when I say that this is not an exaggeration; people have actually lost body parts as a result of being thrown down a road after being involved in an accident. 

I like the appearance of my face, and I don’t intend to change it.

It serves as a bug shield for you. There is a wide variety of head protection available, but the full-face helmet is the one I always wear when I ride. 

The primary justification for this is that I have had one too many instances in which insects have hit me in either the mouth or the eye. It was those moments when I was riding with just the visor open on my helmet! 

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What it would be like if I didn’t have any form of head protection at all is something I simply cannot fathom.

Enables the use of Bluetooth in an easy manner. A good number of helmets already have speakers and Bluetooth connectivity built in when you buy them. 

There are also kits available that can be installed on a helmet that does not have those. While you are out on your motorcycle, you may use Bluetooth to take and make phone calls, enjoy music, as well as receive instructions using your smartphone.

Your brain will not be harmed in any way. Because you are a person, having a functioning brain is essential to your continued existence. You do not want to injure your head. 

You need to be as smart in 20 years as you are now, and wearing a helmet as you ride a bike is a terrific method to secure your head so that you can maintain that level of witticism in the future.

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It’s in the syntax. To ride a motorbike legally in many jurisdictions, you are required to always have a helmet on your head. 

If you are going to have to wear a helmet nonetheless, you might as well get something that will serve you well, like a full-face helmet, which offers a number of advantages over a simpler half-helmet.

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Leather Gloves

Riding gloves are the item of gear that I consider to be of the 2nd most importance to me. There are others who believe that a jacket should be placed higher on this list; nonetheless, I believe that gloves are significantly important. 

This is due to the fact that if you were involved in a motorcycle accident while flying through the air, your natural instinct would be to try to protect yourself by extending your arms as far as possible. 

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In the event that you do not have something to safeguard your hands, you run the risk of fracturing bones, tearing skin, and even losing your fingers.

Motorcycle gloves serve a dual purpose: they protect your hands in the event of a collision, and they look cool. The vast majority of them are constructed of leather, include knuckle guards, and simply have a killer appearance. 

If you choose gloves that are weatherproof, they will also protect your hands from the wind. On the other hand, you can get gloves that are more focused on keeping your hands cool throughout the warmer months of the year.

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Motorcycle Jacket

One of the most common items of protective clothing worn by motorcyclists is a jacket specifically designed for the purpose of protecting their upper body from the elements while also enhancing their sense of style.

There is a wide variety of fabric options available for the construction of a motorcyclist’s jacket.

Because it’s likely that you’ll wind up with more than one jacket in your closet, I wouldn’t put too much stock in finding the ideal first coat for yourself. 

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Ballistic mesh is an excellent choice for warm-weather outerwear, which is why I currently keep the first jacket I ever bought. I also have a complete leather jacket that I wear during the riding months of winter, as well as a perforated leather jacket that I wear during the spring and fall.

The majority of jackets are designed to shield you from the weather. If you ride a lot, you will probably discover that you are cold more often than you are too hot, which is why a jacket is a useful piece of kit to have with you. 

Despite the fact that there may be periods of time when the temperature will soar to new heights, it is essential to always have a jacket on hand.

In the height of summer, the temperature where I live may easily reach 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (32 to 38 degrees Celsius), making it unreasonably uncomfortable to wear a jacket. 

However, prior to going out riding with no jacket, I constantly ask myself, “Would I prefer to hurt a lot or warm a little?” Sweating a little is preferable to bleeding a lot.

Even though your body temperature may rise and you may experience some perspiration as a result of wearing a jacket, you will be thankful that you did so in the event that you are involved in an accident since your skin will remain attached to your body.

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It is the same as subjecting your skin to a belt sander when you have an accident that causes you to slide around the pavement. It will physically peel the skin off of your body, revealing the underlying muscle tissue, bones, and nerves. Wearing a jacket will shield you from it, allowing your skin to remain where it should be.

Therefore, if you want to impress other people, you should wear a motorbike jacket.

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Motorcycle Boots Covering the Ankle

Motorcycle boots are just another piece of motorcycling attire that has successfully crossed over into mainstream society.

Motorcycle boots not only look amazing, but they also offer excellent traction and safeguard the delicate bones in your feet in the event that you are involved in an accident.

I’ve witnessed some truly terrifying tales of people who were riding motorcycles while wearing sneakers. When they crashed, the shoes would practically fall off their feet and they would be left barefoot.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want my teeny-tiny toes to be exposed to pavement moving at sixty miles per hour!

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When it relates to riding a motorbike, the most important thing you can do for your feet is to wear solid shoes that actually protect all the way up to the ankle.

In light of this, items like work shoes which you might even own can be an excellent alternative if you are shopping on a limited budget. 

If you are looking for something that is more similar to a shoe, a number of big manufacturers such as Icon and Alpinestars provide shoes that are designed specifically for motorcycle riding. Examples of these shoes may be found to the right.

The best protection is, of course, always going to be something like a full-length motorcycle boot. Plus, they have a wonderful appearance.

Motorcycle Pants

I really hope you’re not the kind of person that likes to go about in shorts while you ride around. When I see something like that, it makes me wince, and the major reason for this is that I’ve had my legs saved by my motorcycle jeans on more than one time.

Jeans are the piece of protective clothing that a high percentage of motorcyclists opt not to wear when they are out on the road. 

This is due to the fact that for a considerable amount of time, you had to pick between wearing pants made of leather, or ballistic material, which looked a little strange. 

They do not have the appearance of regular pants at all.

The vast majority of individuals believe that jeans provide sufficient protection; nevertheless, this is not the case. It only takes a few feet of sliding on the concrete for jeans to become completely useless as protection since they shred so easily.

Luckily, a growing number of manufacturers are beginning to build jeans that incorporate Kevlar panels in strategic locations. Some manufacturers even weave the Kevlar fibers straight into the cotton cloth, increasing armor to areas that are most likely to be struck. 

Although the Kevlar jeans won’t provide you with the same level of protection as leather pants, they are a great improvement over standard denim jeans. 

This indicates that in order to take pleasure in a motorbike trip, you do not need to dress as though you are getting ready to go deep sea diving.

You can travel by motorcycle while wearing your stylish motorcycle boots, stylish jacket, as well as motorcycle jeans. 

Having said all of that, there are some leather and textile motorcycle trousers that look quite amazing, and I highly recommend checking them out. 

They give the impression that you are more of a professional than a weekend warrior, which is a major plus. 

I have a few pairs of leather motorcycle trousers, a pair of textile pants, and even a pair of jeans that are specifically designed for motorcycle riding. Take a look at these pictures to get some ideas!


This is the gear that every rider needs to have, whether a professional or an amateur. If you fall from your motorcycle, you need to make sure that you have done everything in your power to protect yourself from injuries.


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