How to Clean a Motorcycle Jacket? (The Easiest Way)

Just like any other piece of your motorcycle gear, the jacket is also one of the pieces of equipment that get dirty from everyday rides. This means that you need to know how to clean and maintain your motorcycle jacket properly, so it is always nice, clean, and protective.

With that being said, every rider should know how to clean his motorcycle jacket.

So how to clean a motorcycle jacket? Motorcycle jackets can’t be washed in the washer. Dust, perspiration, and other road particles cause dirt. Care instructions are on the label. Because most motorcycle jackets are made of leather or textile, the best approach to washing them is to brush the surface smoothly or dry clean them. 

Stay with us to learn more about the process of cleaning your motorcycle jacket. Further, in this article, we will cover more in-depth cleaning and maintaining processes of your motorcycle jacket.

How to Clean a Motorcycle Jacket?

Your motorcycle jacket gets all dirty from all kinds of insects and bugs on the outside when you ride during hot summer days, and it gets all wet from your sweat on the inside. All of these need to be cleaned, and here we will show you how it needs to be done in the simplest and easiest but most efficient way possible.

A wet cloth or rag is a great way to clean dirty spots on your motorcycle jacket. It is the only safe way for cleaning motorcycle leather jackets because leather is a very sensitive material that needs to be cleaned with great caution.

But there comes the time when you need to clean your motorcycle jacket with a deep cleaning process which includes soap and water, and it can be done at home or at the laundromat. It is up to you to decide what you like most.

If you plan to wash your leather motorcycle equipment, I recommend you use a microfibre rag or cloth in combination with warm water for the exterior of your gear. Don’t forget to condition the leather after you are done with the cleaning process.

In this process, I will show you how it needs to be done with a textile motorcycle jacket, and the cleaning process is the same for any other motorcycle equipment like boots, helmets, gloves, and pants. So here we go.

Step 1: Look for the Washing Instructions

Before you even start washing your motorcycle jacket, you need to check a little instruction tag that is sewn inside your motorcycle gear and, in this case, your motorcycle jacket.

The jacket manufacturer will explain to you the easiest and best way possible how your motorcycle jacket needs to be treated and, in this case, washed and dried after the cleaning process.

Tip: You need to follow the exact instruction written on a tag to make sure that your jacket gets cleaned and stays in shape, and gives you the best protection possible on the road. If you don’t follow the written instructions, you risk getting your jacket or any other piece of gear damaged or destroyed, which can have serious consequences for you later on during the ride.

Step 2: Empty the Motorcycle Jacket Pockets

Your jacket should have armor for your back, shoulders, and elbows, which you must remove before washing your motorcycle jacket. You need to remove any interior liners as well. If you think that you won’t remember from what place you took which armor, mark them, so it makes the returning process much easier, and you don’t have any problems with returning the armor.

Look inside your pockets and take out any items that you may have. Zip your pockets after removing any things that you may find inside them. Some riders have earplugs, money, or any other item that needs to be removed before washing your jacket.

If you can turn your motorcycle jacket inside out, you need to do that after you have previously cleaned all exterior stains and dirt. You need to close all sleeve and cuff zippers as well as the main zipper.

Step 3: Pretreat The Exterior

If you like to ride off-road and spend a lot of time on dirt roads or ride in an area where there are many bugs and insects, you may need to pay extra attention to your jacket before washing it.

Use a brush and diluted detergent to retreat dirty areas. If you wash a leather motorcycle jacket, you need to skip the brush part and use a microfiber cloth to clean the leather jacket. Turn your jacket inside out before putting it in the washing machine.

Step 4: Hand Wash Or Machine Wash

Hand washing your jacket is the safest way to clean your motorcycle jacket, especially the leather one.

CAUTION: If you have a leather motorcycle jacket, you NEED to hand wash it, and you MUSTN’T wash it in a washing machine.

You can wash your textile jacket gently as written on your jacket instruction.

Step 5: Keep It Waterproof

The water-repellent coating applied to your jacket’s exterior will wear off over time. Putting a waterproofing solution like Nikwax or similar into the washing machine will give your jacket water beading ability.

Step 6: Dry Your Jacket

Place your motorcycle jacket on a hanger and let it dry. You can also place your jacket flat on a dry towel since the towel will help to absorb the moisture and make the jacket dry much faster.

Note: Never put your motorcycle jacket in a dryer since it can damage it. If your manufacturer allows your jacket to be dried in a drier, you need to put it in a delicate setting, so it doesn’t get damaged. You can only put your motorcycle jacket in the dryer if it is written on washing instructions inside your jacket.

If you need your motorcycle jacket to dry as fast as possible, getting a fan and pointing it at your motorcycle jacket will make the drying process much quicker.

Step 7: Return the Armor and Liners

Once your motorcycle jacket is dried completely, you need to return the armor to its position, and it shouldn’t be complicated to do so since you have marked the and put a note on which position it was taken from and where it needs to be returned. Also, make sure to reinstall any interior liners.

That was the process of washing your motorcycle jacket. Now when your jacket is nice and clean, and there is no more stinky smell, you can once again take your motorcycle jacket, wear it and enjoy your ride.

Leather Cleaning and Treatment

Leather is a delicate material and so it needs to be treated like that. If you see any spots covered with insect parts, use a cotton rag or cloth and put some oil-based cleanser on it, and then do gentle circular moves to clean the dirty area. If the stains are stubborn and don’t go away immediately, repeat the process a couple of times until it is perfectly cleaned.

Textile Care

Textile is a different material and it can take a more aggressive cleaning approach. Most textile motorcycle jackets are a DuPonts Cordura Fabric and they can be washed in a washing machine under the right settings.

It is just important to remove all the armor and lining from your motorcycle jacket before putting it in the washing machine.

Functions Of Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle jackets have a protective function. Although some riders wear it because they look badass and cool while riding the bike, it is important to wear it since it will protect your body from outside elements like rain, wind, and similar but most importantly it will protect you from impact in case you fall from your motorcycle.

Luckily every rider can find the type of motorcycle jacket that suits him the best since there are many various riding jackets from touring ones to racing ones.

Protective Gear

When you ride your motorcycle, unlike driving a car where you are protected from all directions because the car body protects you, while you are on a bike, you are not protected at all and whether we like it or not, our lives are always in danger. That means that we need to do everything possible to protect ourselves and a motorcycle protective jacket is one of that protective pieces of equipment.

A motorcycle jacket will also protect your hands and torso from the damaging impact that wind can have on your body. A motorcycle jacket will keep your body warm especially during the winter season and cold weather and protect you during the ride.

Improved Visibility

Most motorcycle jackets have bright colored details or they are all bright colors. This is not only to look nice, fancy, and cool but these reflective details make you more visible to other traffic participants. A motorcycle is a far smaller silhouette than a car is and therefore you need to be more visible to avoid traffic accidents, especially during nighttime.

Traffic accidents are very serious, especially for motorcycle riders and that is why a motorcycle is important because it will make you visible and lower the possibility of an accident happening and in case it happens, it will protect your body from severe injuries.


Like I previously said, motorcycle jackets will save you from severe injuries. The jackets have padding that will cushion the rider in case of falling off the bike and hitting any object. You need to get the perfect fitted motorcycle jacket and the best protection will be achieved if you combine the jacket with protective jeans or pants.


A motorcycle jacket is a necessary piece of gear for every rider. It not only provides protection from the wind and rain but also helps to keep you safe in the event of a crash. There are many different types and styles of jackets available, so be sure to choose one that fits your needs and style. And remember, always wear a helmet!


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