How to Choose Perfect Motorcycle Boots?

Motorcycle boots are the best choice to protect your feet while riding your motorcycle. They should be every rider’s choice when riding a motorcycle since they will protect feet much better than sneakers (as a matter of fact, sneakers won’t protect your feet at all in case of an impact or falling of your bike)

This means that you should have at least one pair of motorcycle riding boots, and with that being said, you need to consider some important factors when selecting your motorcycle boots.

So how do you choose motorcycle boots? You need to determine what riding style you prefer and where you will use your motorcycle boots most of the time. After selecting these two crucial factors, choose the boots that offer you the best possible protection and comfort at the same time. Test the boots and enjoy your ride.

Further in this article, we will cover everything you need to know about motorcycle boots and how to select them. Stay with us to learn more.

How to Choose Your Motorcycle Boots?

Many riders take motorcycle boots for granted, but you need to know that good motorcycle boots can not only save your skin in case of falling off your bike, but they can protect your feet from getting severe injuries.

Motorcycle boots are made out of padding material that is strategically placed, and additional armor material is used to reinforce specific spots on your boots.

Here are the things you need to consider when buying your pair of motorcycle boots:

1. The Size of Your Boots

Most motorcycle boots cover your calves or at least half of them. When determining your boots’ size, you need to consider some additional things than just the length of your foot. Some motorcycle boots are narrow and rigid, and you need to consider width and calf size.

The best way to see if the boots you like will fit you perfectly is to try them on. If you can’t try the boots you want (for example, if you order online), the best way to order the size you need is to check the manufacturer’s sizing chart.

Tip: If you search for a pair of boots online, consider reading reviews about the ones you choose to buy. Buyer reviews can be a good indicator since they write about these boots. You will read about how narrow or wide they are if their size is as it is written in the description or the case of high boots if you are capable of moving your calves inside the boots (you wouldn’t like to get muscle spasm during a ride)

2. Protection Level

Many riders think that just because some motorcycle boots look cool, they also provide you with enough safety. But that is not always the case. This mainly refers to cruiser-style motorcycle boots.

When looking for your riding boots, these are the spots that you need to pay extra attention to since these spots can easily be injured. Look that the heel, ankle, and toes are internally reinforced to offer you additional protection. It would also be preferable that your boots have a shin plate. Motorcycle boots are double stitched in high-pressure spots and have shift-brake toe pads, so a rider doesn’t feel discomfort while shifting gears.

Note: You should look for the boots with all the elements mentioned above to ensure that your leg is the best protected.

3. Material

Today you can find boots made from all kinds of materials, from leather and plastic to Gore-Tex and KevlarLeather is a quality material to be used for motorcycle boots. The leather is minimally resistant to impacts, but it is abrasion-resistant. At first, it will be stiff, but after you wear it for a while, it will become more flexiblecomfortable and you will feel excellent wearing it.

TPU or Thermoplastic Polyurethane is hard plastic, and boots made from this material will protect your feet from impactsThis material is also grease and oil resistant. The armor that is placed in the boots is mainly made from this material and the sliders on the racing boots as well.

Gore-Tex is a material that helps keep your feet dry. It keeps sweat and moisture away from your feet.

Another extra strong material used for stitching is Kevlar stitching which increases your motorcycle boots’ durability.

A process used to attach the sole to the boot is called Goodyear (although some may think on the first about the tires), and it helps form a waterproof seal.

4. Riding Position

The riding position is another significant factor to consider when buying your motorcycle boots. Think about it, do you ride most of the time in the upright position? Do you ride on race tracks with your feet tucked underneath you? Do you ride a tourer or a cruiser bike?

Boots that flex above the bridge of the foot are ideal for sportbike riders. Riders who intend to go on relaxed cruiser rides don’t need to worry so much about flexibility as the sportbike riders do.

Tip: Take a few minutes and think about the position you ride the most since this is the position in which you will spend most of your time.

5. Riding Style

Every motorcycle boot is stylized for a specific riding type.

  • Sportbike Boots: These boots are specific for their armorprotection against hyperextension and twisting, and sliders. Walking in these boots is an awful feeling since they need to be as tight as possible and stiff.
  • Cruiser Boots: These boots are mostly black or brown leather boots with a metal buckle which makes them look pretty while riding cruiser motorcycles. Another thing that is recognizable about these boots is raised heel.
  • Sport Touring Boots: These boots are similar to sportbike (track) boots if we look from a design aspect, but these boots are much more comfortable and pliable to wear, especially if you are riding for a longer period. They are mostly waterproof, which is another benefit for them since your feet will stay dry.
  • Adventure-Touring Boots: These boots are a great combination of motocross and sport-touring boots. These moto boots have buckle closures and moto-style straps and are very durable.
  • Riding ShoesThey are an interesting category of riding boots, and the reason is that they are not quite boots but rather hi-top sneakers. They are comfortable and casual, and if someone sees them for the first time, the person would probably think that these are regular sneakers. Although they have reinforced toes and anklesthey won’t give you even a close level of protection as motorcycle boots will. These types of riding shoes are mostly used in stunt-riding since the rider has a much better range of motion with his feet.

6. Choose Your Ideal Boot Height

Riding Shoes for Stunt-Riding

Every rider prefers boots of different heights, and not everyone has the same taste. When choosing the height of your motorcycle boots, consider the following factor and ask yourself this questionWhere will I use my motorcycle boots?

If the answer is on the race tracks, you need to get tall motorcycle boots to give you extra protection. The reason for getting tall ones is because you will race at high speed, which results in increased risks, and these boots will give the best possible protection for your feet.

Now, on the other hand, if you plan to cruise through your city and neighborhoodyou don’t need bulky and high-race bootsShort boots or even riding shoes can be perfect for this type of ride.

7. Check Motorcycle Boots Sole

This is another element that you should consider when choosing your motorcycle boots. The size of the sole and material from which it is made also play a significant role. Depending on the sole’s material, it will affect if you will slip when it is wet outside, or your boots will have a nice solid stand.

What Motorcycle Boots to Choose?

With all of the above riding boots and shoes, it is up to you to decide which type suits you and your needs best. Every rider has his own riding style and preferences, and we are not all equal. Some may like cruising and cruiser bikes and decide to take cruiser boots, while others may like to spend most of their time on the race track, where the sportbike boots are a must-have since they give the best protection for the rider’s feet.

It is up to you to decide what suits you best and in this article are all the necessary things to look after when selecting your pair of motorcycle boots.

Questions to Ask Yourself before Getting the Boots

Here are some questions that you should ask yourself before ordering your pair of motorcycle boots:

  • Do they need to be waterproof?
  • Do they need to vent well?
  • Where will you use them?
  • How long will you be wearing them (all day, or a couple of hours)?

Why Do You Need to Use Boots on a Motorcycle?

Motorcycle boots are made to protect your feet in case of crashing on falling at high speed. Let’s compare a rider who had riding boots to a rider wearing shoes or something similar. We can see that the rider wearing motorcycle boots suffered much easier injuries than those wearing shoes or sneakers.

Your ankle and toes are the most injured parts in the majority of motorcycle accidents, and the riding boots will protect your ankles and toes from breaking or twisting. Most riding boots have a one-piece steel shank in their sole, making them firm and preventing the boots from folding.

Types of Motorcycle Boots

Full-Length Boots

Full-length boots provide maximum protection to the rider, but they are bigger and bulkier than any other type of boots. These boots are a must-have if you plan to race.

Sports-Mid Height Boots

These motorcycle boots offer a balance between full-length boots and short boots. A rider who uses them will feel that his feet are more “free” than if using full-length boots, and the reason is that mid-height boots offer more versatile usage while protecting the lower part of your calf muscle. They are mid-calf high and can be an excellent choice for a city ride.

Short Boots

These boots are becoming more popular to the riders that plan to wear motorcycle boots all day, and a great example is people who ride in and out of the office all day. These boots are also an excellent choice for everyday city rides. They are high to the size of the ankle and offer less protection than mid or full-length riding boots.

Motocross (Off-road) Boots

These boots are made only for one purpose, and that is off-road riding and motocross. You shouldn’t use them for city rides or any other ride but just for off-road since they are very robust and have a rigid exterior that can take a lot of rock hitting and other factors that are characteristic of motocross racing. You can recognize them by their external fasteners, typical for motocross boots.


Motorcycle boots are a very significant part of your motorcycle safety equipment, and you should have a serious approach when picking the perfect pair of motorcycle boots. Every rider, including you, needs to determine his riding style and where he will ride the most, and depending on that conclusion, choose the boots that perfectly suit his needs.

I tried to cover everything that you need to know and take into account when choosing your pair of motorcycle boots, and I hope that this article has helped you a lot in picking your perfect motorcycle boots.


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