LATEST 2023 Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally Invites Exploration

In November of 2020, Ducati released the regular issue Multistrada V4, as well as the Multistrada S, which featured upgraded components.

A little over six months later, in October of 2021, the Borgo Panigale company unveiled the Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak, a motorcycle designed to dominate twisty roads.

Following the completion of bases one through three, Ducati stepped up to the bat once more on September 29, 2022, to make the announcement that the 2023 Multistrada V4 Rally will be held.

The company has high expectations that the long-distance ADV will be a home run for adventure riders. What do you say we take a look, shall we?

The Rally trim, like its stablemates in the MTS lineup, continues to promote Ducati’s 1,158cc Granturismo V4 platform. However, it does not place a higher value on performance than it does on practicability.

Even though it produces 170 horsepower (at 10,500 rpm) and 92.2 lb-ft (at 8,750 rpm), the big-bore V4 engine only needs oil maintenance every 9,000 miles and valve adjustments every 37,000 miles.

The Rally also features the same semi-active suspension as the S and Pikes Peak variations, but Ducati ups the ante by increasing the suspension travel to 7.9 inches. This allows the Rally to better compete with the other variants.

To meet any obstacle head-on, the company not only gives the Multi more ground clearance but also creates a new Skyhook DSS EVO suspension control technique and an Enduro ride mode (with a specialized Power mode).

The Multistrada is equipped with a pair of lighter spoke rims and stronger engine guards, both of which assist the vehicle when traversing difficult and technical trails.

The V4 Rally does not simply travel across more difficult terrain. Additionally, it enables travel over greater distances than ever before. The Multi is kept off the trodden route and away from the pump by a brand new tank that holds 7.9 gallons.

Footpegs that are wider and come with replaceable inserts make it possible to ride on the highway as well as off-road, and an auto-leveling feature keeps the bike stable regardless of the number of passengers or the amount of luggage that is being carried.

The shapeshifting feature is an addition to the manufacturer’s Minimum Preload technology, which lowers the bike when the rider comes to a complete stop.

However, Ducati is not content to stop there. Additionally, it equips the Rally with its brand-new Easy Lift function, which reduces the amount of effort required to lift the motorcycle off of its side stand by easing the compression of the suspension during each power cycle.

On the highway, an expanded width (+.8 inches) and increased height (+1.6 inches) of the windscreen contribute to an increased level of cockpit comfort.

The Bologna designers didn’t ignore the rider’s significant other, either; they took that into consideration.

Even with the mounting of the add-on top box, the passenger’s accessible space has been increased thanks to the expanded tail section. Vibrations can also be dampened by using passenger peg inserts made of thicker rubber.

Last but not least, Ducati has upgraded its approach to deactivating the rear cylinders in order to save fuel consumption and conform to increasingly rigorous emissions regulations.

While the idle speed of all Multistrada V4 models causes two pots to be turned off, the Rally retains those pots covered until the rider reaches a sufficient speed. According to Ducati’s documentation, the technology is operational in all riding modes.

The 2023 Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally will be available in Ducati Red and Brushed Aluminum/Matte Black and will have a starting price of $31,495. May of 2023 is the month that intrepid explorers may anticipate the off-road-oriented model to be available at Ducati dealerships.


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