(LATEST) FIA Explains Why Italian GP Wasn’t Red Flagged

When Daniel Ricciardo stopped on the track near the end of the Italian Grand Prix, the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) provided an explanation as to why it did not throw a red flag.

Due to the fact that the McLaren driver came to a stop on the track while there were only a few circuits remaining in the race, Race Control made the decision to bring out a Safety Car.

While the car driven by Ricciardo was being recovered, the operation was held down because the MCL36 was stuck in gear, which prevented the marshals from immediately pushing it down the escape path.

Some spectators were disappointed that the race was stopped by the Safety Car in the end, and others voiced their opinion that the race should have been stopped by a red flag so that it might have had a more dramatic finish.

The rest of the race was won by Max Verstappen, who finished ahead of Charles Leclerc and George Russell to earn his 11th victory of the season.

The safety of reclaiming Ricciardo’s car came first, the FIA insisted while standing with its decision to forgo raising a red flag.

An FIA official stated that “although every attempt was made to recover Car #3 promptly and continue racing, the situation deteriorated and marshals were unable to put the car into neutral and push it into the escape road.” “While every effort was made to recover Car #3 quickly and resume racing,”

“The safety of the recovery operation is our sole priority, and the event was not big enough to need a red flag, so the race concluded under the caution flag in accordance with the regulations that were agreed upon by the FIA and all of the Competitors.

This technique does not depend in any way on the time of the safety car period that occurs during a race.

The contentious conclusion to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix from the previous year, in which a late Safety Car flipped the race on its head, was once brought up in conversation as a result of the way the race ended.

After the vehicles only between title protagonists Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton unlapped themselves, the race was restarted on the penultimate lap rather than coming to an end behind the Safety Car.

After that, Verstappen was able to get ahead of Hamilton and clinch his first Formula 1 championship.


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