(LATEST) Italian GP Ending Violates F1 Principles

Christian Horner, the team boss for Red Bull, has expressed his displeasure with the way the Italian Grand Prix concluded behind the Safety Car. The race took place at Monza.

In the latter stages of the race, Daniel Ricciardo of McLaren came to a stop on the track due to a technical problem; nevertheless, the process to clear the track and reestablish the order took some time.

Because it was locked in gear, Ricciardo’s vehicle was unable to be moved out of the road swiftly. Meanwhile, the Safety Car first picked up George Russell rather than Max Verstappen, who was leading the race at the time.

The race was stopped short of giving Charles Leclerc a chance to win for the second time in Italy within the past four years as the cars proceeded to follow the Safety Car around the Monza course until the end of the competition.

In an interview with Sky F1, Horner admitted that he feels the exasperation of the devastated Ferrari supporters. He stated, “We don’t want to win a race under a Safety Car.”

“And that is something that we have discussed for a great many years, namely, that they should finish racing.

“There was enough time to start that race,” the announcer said. My guess is that they picked up the wrong car; they grabbed George Russell instead.

“We had the faster car, and we would have wanted to have won the race on the track, not behind the Safety Car,” the driver of the faster car said. As a result, we feel the same dissatisfaction as the other spectators because it prevented a dramatic conclusion.

Given that his driver, Verstappen, was poised for a victory in a walk in the park without the need for a possible restart caused by the Safety Car, Horner’s views could come as a surprise to some.

The Briton argues that Formula One should review its laws in order to ensure that a finish behind the Safety Car does not occur again in the future.

He stated, “All I really want to do is see how the race turns out.” “And, you know, I think we would have won it if there hadn’t been a Safety Car, we had enough pace in hand on the one stop that we’d adopted,” the driver said. “And, you know, I think we would have won it if there hadn’t been a Safety Car.”

We’d saved a new pair of tires, and instead of Charles’s worn-out set, we had a brand-new set of our own. However, this was also for a grandstand finish, which we were unable to watch.

And I believe that it violates the ideals of what we’ve discussed in the past. Unfortunately, the most significant losers of the day were the spectators. But we have to act promptly in order to solve the problem.

“It is necessary for us to go over the specifics of it. But as far as I was concerned, there was more than plenty time to start the race up again. And once more with a vehicle that was outside of a barrier. On the edge of the track was where it had been parked.”


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