Top 10 Best Dirt Bikes for Beginners (WITH REVIEWS)

It is easy to be astonished by the leaps, flips and bends that professional dirt bike riders make while riding their strongest motorcycles. Dirt bike riding is a sport that may be daunting, and it is simple to be impressed by it.

Nevertheless, even the most well-known motocross athletes started out on smaller bikes as they developed the abilities you see on the course. Although you can choose a 250cc dirt bike, several common dirt starter models are 125cc and 150cc. The following is a discussion of the top dirt bikes for beginners:

Top 10 Best Dirt Bikes for Beginners

These are the top 10 dirt bikes that are the best options for riders who are just starting with motocross and dirt biking:

10. Honda XR200

Although the XR200 has not been produced in the United States since 2002, it is still considered to be one of the greatest starter dirt bikes for adults who are on a tight budget. This is due to the fact that it is simple to ride, it has full-size wheels, it is very forgiving, and it is as reliable as it comes.

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It is possible to make it a very effective forest dirt bike for trail riding by making a few adjustments or modifications to the suspension.

The XR200 from 1986 to 1991 is higher and has slightly improved suspension. They fit well if you are between 5’4″ and 6’0″. The XR 200 from 1992 to 2002 has a lower seat height, thus it’s preferable if you’re between 5’2″ and 5’8″.

Note: If you like dirt bikes with a carburetor and a kick starter, the XR200 is still the finest inexpensive introductory dirt bike for adults. The only issue is that they’re becoming more difficult to locate in decent condition on the secondhand marketplace since many owners didn’t care for them properly.

9. Yamaha TTR125

The TTR125 is one of my top picks for entry-level bikes for both teenagers and adults due to the fact that it is inexpensive and compact, yet the large wheel variant is still roomy enough for an adult of average size.

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There are a ton of them out there, and they’re all quite simple to ride and learn to use the clutch on. Yamaha offers 4 main TTR 125 models, including versions with small and large wheels and an electric start feature.

A fantastic medium-sized dirt bike for children and smaller people is the TTR125L. If you’re an adult just starting out in dirt biking, the TTR125 may be the dirt bike that is most reasonably priced and offers the best value.

It can be used for a variety of things because there are options for tiny wheels, huge wheels, and electric starts. The smaller wheel TTR125 is a nice size for someone between 4’8″ and 5’0″. The bigger wheel TTR125L is the right match if you are 5’0″ to 5’6″.

Note: There are other models that can be started alone with a kick starter or with an electric starter; these models have an “E” appended to the end of their model names (TTR125E/TTR125LE). Savings on a TTR may be possible with a kick-start model if you can do without an electronic starter.

8. Yamaha PW50

Pee Wee motorcycles were likely the entry-level machine of choice for 90 % of all motocross riders across the globe. Kids as young as four or five can ride safely and confidently on these twist-and-go motorcycles.

These dirt bikes are the finest for learning the fundamentals of the sport because they are very safe, are not too fast, and are both.

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7. Suzuki RM85

The Suzuki RM85 is a great model for young riders because it is a mid-sized two-stroke dirt bike. It was first used in 2002 to replace the RM80.

Some of the features that made the RM85’s forerunner so successful were carried over into the RM85, including the liquid-cooled two-stroke motor, aluminum frame, disc brakes, and progressive suspension.

The 85cc motor excels through the center of the powerband and produces a remarkable level of low-end output.

Riders will experience a high-performance dirt bike in a well-handling, manageable style. The RM85’s six-speed manual transmission and long clutch lever are coupled to the engine.

Note: The bike has solid suspension and brake components. The RM85 is simple for beginners to control around turns. All of these features are contained in a sleek, small, and glossy container. It is a wise purchase because the exterior is made to provide riders with a comfortable riding position.

6. Husqvarna TC85

Children 12 to 16 years old should select the Husky TC85. The TC85 is as competitive as they come right out of the box. These motorcycles are essentially little replicas of their adult counterparts, making them the ideal mount to launch your racing career.

5. Honda CRF250X

The Honda CRF250X provides riders with a dependable dirt bike by fusing traditional capability with cutting-edge design.

The CRF250X is driven by a liquid-cooled 249cc engine. This single four-stroke engine spins at 12,000 rpm and around 28 horsepower.

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It comes equipped with a cable-actuated clutch that is simple to operate and has a transmission that can shift through a total of 5 gears.

Even as other manufacturers switch to electronic fueling, Honda has kept the Keihin 37mm flat-side carburetor. The latter option may have some advantages, but it just cannot compete with the dependability of a traditional carburetor.

Note: With a 12.5:1 compression ratio, the bike feels opulent on the road and will be remarkably compliant at low trail speeds. The Honda CRF250X generally guarantees smooth and enjoyable rides.

4. KTM 150 SX

One of the few brands to produce a 150cc two-stroke motocross vehicle is KTM, and the 150 SX may very well be our all-time favorite dirt bike. It seems really special because it is more powerful and torquey than a 125 while being as light as a feather.

It is comparable to riding a fully equipped factory 125 at a far lower cost. We guarantee you won’t be able to stop grinning if you select a 150 SX. You can get a 2009 model for about $2k or a brand-new one for about $6k.

3. Kawasaki KLX110

Children who are new to riding should use this mini-bike. It is propelled by a four-stroke air-cooled engine with a 7bhp maximum output.

The bike has excellent handling thanks to its small weight. It is appropriate for a beginner because it has a rapid throttle and a low center of gravity.

Riders must shut the throttle and shift because there is no clutch lever on it. Furthermore, the gear ratios are closely packed to improve rideability.

Note: The bike has 14inch front tires and 12inch rear tires. Additionally, it has 8.5inch ground clearance, 30 mm telescopic front forks, and a rear monoshock.

The ergonomics of the Kawasaki KLX110 are excellent, and it is a great choice for children.

2. KTM 250 SX-F

By all measures, the KTM 250 SX-F is a racing dirt bike. It is perfect for riders that desire a lot of power and has won several MX2 World Championships.

Get a model made after 2012 if you’re interested in technological developments because they have electric starters and electronic fuel-injection systems.

Note: 2019 saw KTM revamp the 250 SX-chassis F’s to make them lighter and more rigid. The model became one of the lightest 250s available as a result of the findings. 2019 saw updates to the WP air forks as well, and the superior rear suspension ensures gentle landings.

1. Yamaha YZ125

Riders who want to upgrade from an 85cc or new riders looking to improve their skills can consider the Yamaha YZ125.

Despite being nearly 40 years old, the Yamaha YZ125 is still in use today. Since it was first revealed in 1974, it has undergone a number of improvements and is the only Japanese 125 that is currently in production.

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The vehicle’s motor and chassis were overhauled in 2015, but its suspension and bodywork date back to 2005.

A 124cc liquid-cooled engine powers the Yamaha YZ125. It has a 6-speed transmission, and for optimum performance, the gear ratios are suited to engine output.

The engine has a horsepower rating of 35, and despite the fact that the vehicle is not the quickest European 125, it still has an impressive output.

This particular model is often considered to be among the dirt bikes available that offer exceptional handling. It is incredibly lightweight—only 200 pounds without fuel and quite forgiving on the track.

Note: In 2006, it received brand-new SSS forks, which improved its first-rate suspension system. Generally, because of its dependability and power, the Yamaha YZ125 is still a motocross icon.

How to Select a Dirt Bike for a Novice Rider?

Before purchasing a particular model, novice dirt bike riders should consider a number of aspects, such as:

1. Height and Weight of the Rider

The type of dirt bike a person gets depends on their height. It is not advised to adhere to strict size requirements because everyone has a different stature. When it comes to riding, some people have longer torsos while others have longer legs or greater reach.

To determine whether the dirt bike is a good fit, you must put it through a physical exam. Your back should be straight up and down, and your feet should be firmly planted on the ground.

For maximum maneuverability, your knees should be bent just enough so that you can fit the tank between them while being able to press your foot in the direction of the front wheel.

If you are able to stand on your tiptoes while attempting to maintain your balance on a large bike, you can tell that it is the large bike in question. If you are sitting on the ride flat-footed, the bike can also be too tiny.

Note: Bikes under 250cc can be handled by riders under 150 pounds. The type of suspension found in larger models like 250cc and 450cc will be necessary for larger riders. Furthermore, anything larger than 250cc is only suitable for experienced riders.

2. New vs. Old Dirt Bikes: Which is Better?

You can find some great second-hand dirt bikes that fit your riding preferences. Start your search in the local motocross scene.

Most likely, someone is selling an outdated model or knows a person who is. In these kinds of groups, you will also obtain terrific riding suggestions.

Another location to look for old dirt bikes online is in specialized forums. But, it is important to use extra caution as with any internet transaction.

Note: No matter how well-maintained a used bike is, you should be ready to do repairs. These expenses might even pile up and balance out the price of a new dirt bike.

The newest technology is available with a new dirt bike, and it will last you a very long time. If you have the money to spare, it is worth buying a new one because you also get manufacturer support and a warranty.

3. Finance

Since dirt bikes are not exactly inexpensive, you probably want to maximize the value of your money.

Based on the capabilities they have, some models from renowned brands might become pretty pricey. Additionally, you can purchase an excellent used dirt bike at a fair price.

What’s the Difference Between a 2 and 4 Stroke Dirt Bike, and Which One Is Better for a Beginner?

Depending on your riding preferences, you can choose between 2- and 4-stroke engines.

Due to their lighter weight and simplicity, 2-stroke motorcycles are manageable for complete beginners. They produce their power at higher revs and are also swift. Although 2-stroke engines require a precise air/fuel ratio to operate at their best, they are also simple and inexpensive to fix.

Note: Compared to 2-stroke motorcycles, 4-stroke bikes are bigger and more common in motocross. Four-stroke bikes can be challenging for beginners to operate since they are heavier and higher. For extended runs, 4-strokes are generally preferable.

Where Can New Riders Learn to Ride Dirt Bikes?

It is not intended for riders of dirt bikes to use public roadways. If you don’t make the required modifications to your dirt bike, it is actually forbidden to ride it on a public road.

Where can a novice pick up riding a dirt bike? Don’t worry, there are only a few true options:

1. Beginner-Friendly Tracks

The best part about dirt bike riding is the existence of training facilities and neighborhood tracks all throughout the nation.

These places will have closed-off beginner tracks that allow you to safely learn to operate a bike. You can proceed to harder tracks if your skills have improved.

2. Private Property

Only on your own property may you ride a dirt bike unencumbered, however, the noise may annoy any neighbors close by.

If the area has a landowner, you will need their permission, and you shouldn’t enter any private property without their consent.

3. Forest or Desert

Off-road environments like forest areas, hills, and deserts are where dirt motorcycles belong. Based on where you live, several of these categories have trail networks.

Because they offer a diversity of terrains and challenges, these routes are very enjoyable. In government-run trails, a spark arrestor and, in some cases, a day user permit are all that is required.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Ride Dirt Bikes?

Kids above the age of 13 are frequently advised to use dirt bikes. Furthermore, if there is adult supervision, you can teach younger children about the sport.

It is also possible for adults who are already in healthy physical shape to begin training for the sport.


There are many entry-level dirt bikes available from manufacturers including Honda, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Suzuki, KTM, and Kawasaki.

You’re looking for a bike that’s comfortable to ride and simple to operate, with some of the performance characteristics of more advanced models. On both public and private trails, in addition to on tracks, beginners can gain control of their dirt motorcycles.

The most important thing you need to consider is your safety. Make sure you are covered and protected at all times and you will have the best time guaranteed.

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