Hawaii’s Honolulu’s Top 5 Motorcycle Routes (Must Visit)

Hawaii is not referred to as “The Aloha State” for nothing. Visitors are greeted in Honolulu with contemporary skyscrapers, tens of thousands of hotel rooms, and dozens of esteemed organizations crucial to the survival of Hawaiian culture. Honolulu welcomes more than half of all visitors to Hawaii. It serves as the primary entryway to Hawaii (the “Big Island”) and Maui, two other state-owned islands.

Both visitors and motorcycle riders will find pleasure in this “Paradise of the Pacific.” Maui and Oahu, the second and third largest islands in Hawaii, have exciting inland routes in addition to coastal roadways. You’ll always be encircled by the Pacific Ocean or luxuriant jungle greenery. The joy of touring Hawaii by street bike is enhanced by waterfalls, lava fields, and coastal cliffs.

Discover the top five motorcycle routes in Hawaii. With this knowledge, you’ll be equipped to work with Riders Share to hire a motorcycle and embark on an enjoyable riding excursion.

1. Auloa Road

A day journey that involves 2 miles of winding roads.

Auloa Rd. is a short and simple route on Oahu that is worthwhile to ride repeatedly if you don’t have the time or want to visit the other islands for some riding.

You’ll need to travel nine miles or 15 minutes outside of Honolulu to begin this route. The traditional Hawaiian island picturesque fare—vegetation, greenery, and more greenery—is what you can expect from this trip. You’ll primarily be using Auloa Road because of its abrupt curves. Sportbikes are frequently seen soaring back and forth. Due to its small length, you are essentially required to combine it with another road or highway or ride it twice.

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Ride carefully on damp and slick areas if it has recently rained hard. You won’t have to stress about where to find amenities. Those are available in Honolulu and other parts of the island.

2. The Hana Highway: From Jaws to Hana

37 miles for a day excursion.

The From Jaws to Hana – The Hana Highway is the best option for riders looking for a condensed version of the East Maui Loop that concentrates on winding roads.

The journey starts in Maui, close to the town of Haiku on the island’s central north coast. Start at the well-known surfing spot known as “Jaws,” then take Route 36.

The scenery along this path is really stunning. You’ll see picture-perfect ocean views on the left and views of Maui’s commanding mountainous landscape on the right. Along the trip, you’ll also pass by a few magnificent waterfalls, including Twin Falls and Upper Waikani Falls.

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You’re in luck because everything is well-paved and maintained. Strategically placed guard rails have been put in place to prevent unwanted 1,000-foot plummet into the ocean. Ride this route in dry weather and during the day.

We also advise bringing a lunch. The lone restaurant along this route is expensive and challenging to find. Stopping at one of the lovely lookout points and having a picnic is preferable.

3. East Maui Loop

1 day’s travel is 112 miles.

Have you ever wished to see where the original Jurassic Park was filmed? Rent a motorcycle, get a helmet, and get ready for a wild trip around the East Maui Loop. It is both the longest and one of the best motorbike routes in the entire state of Hawaii.

You must first travel to Maui in order to start. The small rural town of Paia is where this journey begins.

The East Maui Loop follows the cliffs along the island’s coastline, giving you excellent Pacific Ocean vistas on one side and a ton of lush rainforest on the other. The terrain changes from a rain forest to an old lava flow and commanding mountain views once you reach the city of Hana. You’ll enter Maui’s interior, which is characterized by rolling hills, ranches, and farms, as soon as you leave the coast. Stop in Waianapanapa State Park for some hiking if you need a break from riding, or rent a tent and spend the night at Kipahulu campsites. If you don’t stop too much, you can finish the entire journey in six hours. There is so much to see that you could nearly make this a day excursion.

Adventure seekers should take this route because it has 60 one-lane bridges and at least 600 twists by the time you reach the end of it. This route is in excellent condition and has paved roads for all except 12 kilometers. After Hana, there is a short dirt patch and a rocky piece of road. You’ll come to the freshly paved pavement after the dirt. Watch driving for wet roads and fallen guava fruit around the route’s coastal sections, which can make things very slick. Hilly and winding roads make up the journey’s cross-section into Maui’s interior. Stay vigilant and watch out for cows crossing the street. By riding in the morning, you can avoid the traffic.

Before Hana, there are fruit stands and food stands, but it’s best to pack your own lunch so you may stop in a beautiful location for a picnic. Both the general store in Ulupalakua and the restaurant at Seven Sacred Pools have early closing times. The eateries in Makawao’s town are no different. Take a full tank of gas when you depart because Hana is the only other town with a gas station after Paia.

4. Tantalus

5 miles in one day’s travel.

Stay in Oahu and ride your motorcycle along the Tantalus road for a winding ride and breathtaking scenery.

The National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Honolulu, which is 10 minutes from the city center, is where this journey begins. Beautiful vistas of Oahu and Honolulu will be yours as the Tantalus takes you up, down, and around a hill. Along Round Top Drive, there are two key viewpoint sites that tourists must stop at. You can go hiking nearby if you leave your motorcycle there for a while.

The Tantalus is not just a visual treat; it will also put your driving skills to the test as you negotiate numerous zig-zags, S-curves, and abrupt twists. Elevation shifts also occur suddenly. All in all, be prepared to ride in some really complex situations.

Despite its ominous moniker, there are rarely any risks on the Tantalus. Although certain places have wear and tear, it is well-paved. When necessary, keep your eyes on the road and drive carefully.

Take this short ride to enjoy the natural splendor. In Honolulu, you can get food and gas before beginning your journey.

5. Travel through West Maui on Highway 340/30

48 miles for a day excursion.

Highways 30 and 340 are your best bet if you’ve ever wished to circumnavigate West Maui. This motorbike path is so winding that it is the island’s equivalent of Tennessee’s The Tail of the Dragon.

Start in the area of Lahaina, Maui. After that, take Highway 30 north, which becomes Highway 340. The two roads together encircle the entire island. You’ll eventually make a loop and return to Lahaina, where you started.

This path is intended to provide you with many miles of spectacular ocean vistas as you go along the island’s cliffs and coastlines. Highway 30 travels through dense forest and passes the Pacific Ocean on your left. Highway 340 follows the clifftops while also providing a view of the lake. Numerous beautiful sites are available for stopping so you can take memorable photos. Even when you pass through a few of Maui’s little local communities, you’ll get a taste of them. Don’t forget to walk around the island’s lava fields or the Lao Valley State Park to enjoy some fresh air.

While Highway 340 includes a number of sweeping curves and upward switchbacks, the 30 is primarily level. There are several blind corners and difficult parts, and the route frequently narrows.

Maintain a low speed while riding the 340 and keep your eyes on the road. The tight switchbacks work well for smaller motorcycles. Plan appropriately because there are no food stands at Lao Valley State Park; at most, you’ll find a neighborhood fruit stall selling fresh bananas, mangoes, or coconut milk.


Hawaii is one of the most beautiful states in the US, and there are plenty of places you will need to visit. I guarantee that once you arrive on one of the islands, you will enjoy every minute of this breathtaking scenery and remember it for the rest of your life.


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