The Best Motorcycle Events and Meetups in Hawaii (Must Attend)

When you think about Hawaii, you probably picture hula dancers, volcanoes, luaus, and waters that are brilliant blue. From the comfort of a street bike, a motorbike rider may take in all the wonder and beauty that this island paradise has to offer. 

There are many motorcycle events to keep you engaged throughout the year, whether you live there or are simply visiting. In fact, the populous islands of Hawaii are home to a large number of motorcycle clubs and organizations that organize social, charitable, and tourist events.

Divine Guardians Motorcycle Club


Numerous motorcycle-related events are hosted by the Divine Guardians Motorcycle Club. The activities provide bikers a reason to rack up some kilometers while supporting neighborhood nonprofits. All year long, this MC club hosts a variety of activities. Take a look at its calendar.

South Sea Cycles and Cycle City


South Seas Cycles and Cycle City have teamed up. At Cycle City’s Megastore in Honolulu, these dealerships frequently hold barbecues. To find out when the next party is happening, look at its events calendar.

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Street Bikers United Hawaii

Islands of Maui and Oahu

A club called Street Bikers United Hawaii is dedicated to riding in support of local causes and organizations in need of funding. To benefit local veterans, students, and those in need, they organize yearly Toys for Tots, Tools for Tots, and Toy Run rides as well as take part in protests and scholarship activities. To discover the ideal event for you, search the Street Bikers United Hawaii event calendar.

Bikes-And-Coffee Hawaii Motorcycle Meetup


Consider attending a Bikes-And-Coffee Meetup for a motorbike and coffee enthusiast social event. People can bench race at this meetup while drinking a hefty cup of coffee. For upcoming events, check out the calendar.

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Events of the Koa Puna Motorcycle Club


The Koa Puna motorcycle club offers numerous events all year long that promote the Hawaiian culture and the natural beauty of the islands if you’re looking for motorcycle events on The Big Island of Hawaii. For information about all upcoming events, see its website.

Kanaka Hekili Motorcycle Club

Numerous activities and rides are held by the Kanaka Hekili Motorcycle Club. It’s not unusual to see cyclists decked out in garland and flashy holiday decorations, and riders dressed as Santa Claus and his elves. The club’s events website will keep you up to date on all of its joyous events.

Holy Ghost Riders Events

The Holy Ghost Lahaina, Maui-based riders mix their passion for motorbikes with their dedication to community and faith. Their declared goal is to spread the love of Jesus Christ to other bikers. They are the Hawaiian branch of the national Christian Motorcyclist’s Association. Along with other evangelistic and outreach activities, they host the Run for the Son throughout the year.

Hawaii Motorcycle Rentals

Motorcycle riders have a wide range of alternatives in Hawaii. No matter what charity rides or other activities you decide to take part in, you will undoubtedly enjoy riding your motorcycle across Hawaii’s distinctive landscape and natural splendor. 

Many concur that riding a motorcycle is a fantastic way to explore different parts of Hawaii. It’s much simpler to have an outstanding motorbike experience in paradise without shipping your bike thanks to the availability of motorcycles for rent in Kauai, Maui, The Big Island, and Oahu.


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