What Are the Prices of Kids’ Dirt Bikes? (Top 8 Dirt Bikes)

It’s not easy to purchase a dirt bike for a child. There are many factors to take into account, from performance to safety. Cost is another important consideration for many people. Many of you are probably wondering how much kids’ dirt bikes cost in light of this.

So how much does a kid’s dirt bike cost? Kids’ dirt bikes typically cost between $300 and $2,000. Electric motors, which are less powerful but easier to use, are the most affordable. The more expensive options, which start at $2,000, are motorized dirt bikes with stronger engines.

Continue reading to learn about its typical cost as well as some examples of children’s dirt bikes and their prices.

How Much Do Kids Dirt Bikes Cost?

The question of how much kids’ dirt bikes should cost does not have a single answer. It depends on a number of variables, such as the brand and features.

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Here Are a Few Affordable Examples of Child-Friendly Dirt Bikes

Here are the best kids’ dirt bikes available on the market:

Dirt BikeEngine Power
1. X-PRO 2021 Version 50cc Dirt Bike Gas Dirt Bike50cc
2. Yamaha PW5050cc
3. FRP DB003 40CC 4-Stroke Kids Dirt Bike40cc
4. Suzuki DR-Z5049cc
5. SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike50cc
6. Honda CRF50F49cc
7. KTM 50 SX /SX Mini49cc
8. Kawasaki KDX 5049cc

1. X-PRO 2021 Version 50cc Dirt Bike Gas Dirt Bike

Are you looking for a beginner bike that is perfect for new riders? This is one choice that you ought to consider! Despite being economical, it does not sacrifice performance.

One of this dirt bike’s best features is its 50cc, two-stroke, single-cylinder engine, among others. Even though it is designed for novice riders, it is strong. Even difficult conditions are easily overcome by it. The engine’s air-cooled system, which will prevent overheating, is another fantastic feature.

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The welded frame of this dirt bike, in addition to the engine, is impressive. Even on rough terrain, the bike is more stable thanks to it. The rider can better maintain balance while still having fun in this way.

The dirt bike’s top speed is 25 mph, and it performs well. But that will depend on various things, including the rider’s abilities and the terrain. You can set a speed limit on the dirt bike thanks to the speed governor on the right handle.

The best part is that it comes with a variety of accessories, allowing you to get the most value for your money. Gloves, goggles, and face masks are included with your purchase to ensure a secure and comfortable ride.

Having a strong air-cooled engineAssembly can be challenging.
A fantastic option for beginners
Includes accessories

2. Yamaha PW50

This model was first presented by Yamaha in 1981 as the Y-Zinger. It was given the PW50 name in 1991 and has since risen to prominence in the market for mini-dirt bikes. This sturdy dirt bike will introduce your child to the sport and is loaded with numerous safety features.

The engine is a compact 50cc displacement, torque-turned design, which makes it very productive. Your child can enjoy a moderate level of power from this two-stroke, oil-injected motor.

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Parents can use the throttle control feature on the bike to limit their children’s top speed. As they gain more driving experience, you can change the pace.

Because of its polypropylene bodywork, which combines maximum strength and low weight, the PW50 is also incredibly light at just 82 pounds. The sporty design of this bike, which features white racing number backgrounds on a blue racing body, will also excite your child.

With this model, Yamaha has emphasized user-friendliness. Only 19 inches are needed to accommodate your child’s height in the seat.

3. FRP DB003 40CC 4-Stroke Kids Dirt Bike

Children should be allowed to ride this dirt bike and experience the thrill. It is safe for the environment and EPA-approved. Noise and toxic emissions are not a concern.

The simplicity of assembly makes this product a great choice as well. You don’t need to put in a lot of effort to put the various parts together right out of the box. It takes very little time to get ready for a ride.

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There are numerous features that are safety-related as well. For example, it has a sturdy frame that can withstand the difficulties of every ride. In addition to being strong, the frame aids in maintaining the stability of the dirt bike. The dirt bike also has disc brakes in both the front and back. They are incredibly responsive, which makes stopping the dirt bike simple when called upon.

You will have more justifications to select this product after looking at the technical specifications. It can ride at a top speed of 18 mph. The load capacity is currently 160 pounds. Additionally noteworthy is the 40cc four-stroke engine.

Last but not least, you will receive a free, 60-day pre-paid return label. This means that, in the event of a problem, you won’t have to worry about the expense of returning it to the seller.

Includes a sturdy frameWeak recoil
Easily put together
Comes with a pre-paid return label

4. Suzuki DR-Z50

For young riders, the Suzuki DR-Z50 is another great dirt bike. It is advised for 7 or older children, however, you should assess your child’s skill level before letting them ride any motorcycle.

The 49cc four-stroke engine that powers it offers plenty of torque to give your child a manageable excitement. The motor offers a smooth power spectrum, and you may use the throttle limiter to manage peak output. Your child will ride at a good rate once they master holding the throttle open on the bike.

For the engine and young riders, the model’s suspension is suitable. As the bike takes most of the impact, your child won’t be bouncing around.

The bike is loaded with useful and protective components. Young motorcyclists who have not yet mastered kickstarting will benefit most from the electric start. All they have to do is press a button to start moving.

The three-speed transmission can be used to regulate the speed of your little rider. The clutch lever won’t tire out your child’s hands, and shifting is as easy as gently pushing the shift lever to move to the next gear.

5. SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike

This dirt bike, which has a 50cc two-stroke engine, is also excellent for young riders. It is already 85 percent pre-assembled when it is delivered. You don’t have to worry about putting the pieces together because it comes with the required hardware.

The disc brakes on the dirt bike’s front and rear are very effective when stopping. Even for novice riders, it is simple to control because of this. Not to mention that it is well-built, which also adds to its safety.

Despite being designed for children, it has excellent technical features. The top speed of the dirt bike is 24.9 mph. Its fuel tank has a 0.45-gallon capacity, and its maximum weight capacity and minimum age requirements are both 160 pounds.

Makes use of premium materialsSometimes very loud
85% of the time, it’s already assembled.
Includes effective brakes

6. Honda CRF50F

The Honda CRF50F is known for its toughness. It is practically impervious to harm because it was made to withstand the usual abuse from beginners.

With occasional oil changes and air filter cleanings, it will continue to function for years with little maintenance. Additionally, pay attention to its drive chain.

The 49cc four-stroke engine on the bike is its source of smooth power. The throttle limiter can help you feel more at ease and increase safety if you are worried about the power output. The engine runs consistently and requires little upkeep.

7. KTM 50 SX /SX Mini

Scaled-down versions of the brand’s larger dirt bike models are featured on the KTM 50 SX. It has a high-quality cylinder and a liquid-cooling system installed in its 49-cc engine.

The centrifugal multi-disc automatic clutch on the bike allows you to modify the bike’s acceleration. To select the desired speed, simply turn three 8mm-head adjustment bolts.

The model has a contemporary, fully adjustable air fork. Through the use of the included fork pump, the air pressure can be increased or decreased to suit the individual requirements of any rider.

A lot of work has gone into making the KTM 50 SX comfortable for your young rider. The bike is distinguished by KTM grips, aluminum handlebars, and an easily removable gripper seat. For a great ride, the bike’s body is forged from lightweight, high-strength Chromoly steel.

8. Kawasaki KDX 50

The Kawasaki KDX 50 is an appealing dirt bike for kids thanks to its lime green color and graphic backgrounds. Young riders can learn the fundamentals of the sport using its features.

For beginners learning throttle control, its 49cc single-cylinder, a two-stroke engine produces a smooth powerband that is essential. With the help of the kid-friendly power limiter, you can manage your child’s development.

In order to accommodate riders’ growth, the bike is also equipped with height-adjustable suspension, which allows the seat height to be changed by an inch. Safety will be enhanced by the auto clutch single-speed transmission.

Price Influencers for Children’s Dirt Bikes

We previously stated that the costs would range from $300 to $2,000. But keep in mind that these are relative measurements. The following variables will affect the particular price, among others:


If cost is not a factor, consider Yamaha-branded products. For the comfort and safety of young riders, they have high-end models that come with the newest technologies.


It is likely to be less expensive if it is intended for younger users. More parts are used and the bike becomes more powerful as it gets bigger. Consequently, it could also mean more expensive.


The engine is among the most crucial. The price of the dirt bike will increase as the specifications increase. Look at the numbers, from horsepower to engine displacement.


This entails, among other things, having thicker seats and better suspension. The price will increase due to these extra expenses.

The Best Places to Buy Children’s Dirt Bikes

Searching for children’s dirt bikes? Some of the best locations are listed below for your perusal.


Amazon is arguably one of the most well-known online marketplaces. Either the manufacturer’s official store or independent sellers are options for purchasing. It is simple to compare costs. The best part is that you can read reviews and gain knowledge from other people’s real-world experiences. This makes it simpler to reduce the options.


eBay is a fantastic place to find kids’ dirt bikes. There are numerous offers there and you have a large choice from which you can select the perfect dirt bike for your kid.

Actual Shops

Another fantastic way to shop for dirt bikes is to go to actual shops. Although it takes time, the benefit is that you can test the bike before buying it. You can get a better idea of its general quality from this.


Craigslist is another online retailer with a ton of fantastic deals for kids’ dirt bikes. You can quickly narrow down your searches based on various criteria, such as your budget. Additionally, you can set up notifications so that you are alerted as soon as a price appears that is within your price range.

Marketplace on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media sites, despite the fact that there are many others. Not only can you catch up with family and friends there, but you can also buy dirt bikes there. For every budget, there are a ton of deals in the market!

Advice on Purchasing Kids’ Dirt Bikes

Find the most affordable options available without sacrificing strength or efficiency. Here are some pointers to remember.

Age Compatibility

Kids’ dirt bikes come in a variety of varieties. The size of the dirt bike, which should correspond to the user’s age, is a factor in addition to the cost. For the best experience, the height and weight should match the manufacturer’s suggestions. Even the engine’s displacement should be appropriate for the rider’s age.

Conduct Research

Although it may be tempting, you should resist the urge to buy the first dirt bike you come across. Make sure to spend time researching both the product and the seller in addition to the product itself.

Have a list of at least three options, if at all possible. When contrasting them, look beyond the cost. Examine reviews and seek out dependable referrals from others.

Understand the Return Policy.

Be aware of the policies regarding returns and exchanges, particularly if you are making an online purchase. Upon receiving the item, you might be dissatisfied with its quality. There should therefore be a way to do so and return it to the seller for a refund if required.

FAQ: Riders Also Ask

How Do You Take Care Of A 50cc Dirt Bike?

To make sure your 50cc dirt bike lasts a long time, you must maintain it. Suggestions on when to inspect fluids and change the oil will be provided by the manufacturer. Check for leaks and frequently inspect and tighten any loose fasteners.

After a dirty ride, cleaning the bike is also advised. As pressure washers can force water into areas where there are mechanical components, you can perform it using proper brushes and a pail of water.

What Is the Top Speed of a 50cc Dirt Bike?

Most 50cc dirt bikes have a top speed of 25 to 40 miles per hour. For instance, the Suzuki DRZ50’s top speed is 33 mph, whereas the Honda CRF50’s is 25 mph.

For children aged four to seven, these speeds may appear hazardous and swift, yet the majority of them won’t even approach the rated top speeds. A 25 mph bike is a great type to get kids started with because you can make sure they don’t go faster than 15 to 18 mph.

There is no appropriate speed for children because it depends on their ability. To limit your child’s ability to accelerate quickly, you can purchase bicycles with throttle limiters.

Most parents prevent their children from using the full throttle by keeping them in second gear. Falling and other incidents are more likely while using higher gears.

Are 50cc Dirt Bikes Safe for Children?

Like any other activity, dirt bike carries inherent risks, so it is up to the parent to choose which ones they want to get their kids involved in. In order to make an informed decision on whether to enroll your children in the sport, you need to be aware of the risks.

The ideal model to introduce your young riders to dirt biking is a 50cc dirt bike. While you cannot protect your children from the occasional fall, you can make sure that they are prepared to face any risks that may arise.

No matter how long the travel, your child should start out with the proper safety equipment. Purchase top-notch knee pads, riding boots, gloves, helmets, and other protective gear.

In order to help them learn how to handle the motorcycle, you can also fit the 50cc dirt bike with training wheels.

You can choose the acceleration speeds using a throttle limitation, and you can only change the speed when the person’s ability improves. On the 50cc dirt bike, your child should always be under your constant supervision.

Even the rest of the family can go horseback riding with you to support your junior.


Kids’ dirt bikes typically range in price from $300 to $2,000. The dirt bike’s brand and features, among other variables, will affect the price. The price will increase as the technical specifications increase.


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