How Fast Is a 50cc Dirt Bike? (Explained In Details)

Depending on your requirements, dirt bikes come in a variety of sizes and powers. A 50cc bike can be practical and enjoyable to ride. These bikes are extremely powerful vehicles that you can operate without a specific license.

They are reasonably priced and gas-efficient. These motorcycles are even legal for the streets in some places. By changing the configuration of a few parts on your 50cc dirt bike, you can opt to increase the speed.

So, what is the top speed of a 50cc dirt bike? Most 50cc dirt bike models are designed to travel at speeds between 25 and 40 mph. This speed can be increased or decreased by making slight modifications to a dirt bike.

How Fast Can a 50cc Dirt Bike Go?

As parents, you may be concerned about buying 50cc dirt bikes for your children, worried about their safety on these vehicles, and concerned that fast speeds would endanger them.

However, the vast majority of 50cc dirt bikes do not exceed 25mph to 40mph. Although this speed may appear excessively high considering it is intended for riders between the ages of 4 and 7, it isn’t actually dangerous because the children seldom approach the top speeds.

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As parents, you can limit your child’s speed on his or her dirt bike by putting a limit on the throttle and/or allowing them to go no higher than second gear. Once you’ve taken these safeguards, you shouldn’t have to worry about your child’s safety due to speed. Other factors, such as leaping the bike or riding on steep hills, may still be a source of concern, but speed is not one of them.

How Fast Can Kids Ride Dirt Bikes?

There is no way that youngsters should ride dirt bikes at any speed if they are not wearing safety gear. When it comes to your children, adopt an AGATT (all the gear all the time) policy (and adults, for that matter). When your children go dirt bike riding, make sure they are wearing a helmet, chest protector, gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, boots, jeans, and a jersey.

Dirt bikes, even those with smaller motors, can reach high speeds, but make sure your children never approach those speeds to keep them safe. Even if you have a 50cc dirt bike for your youngster, keep it in second gear at all times and don’t allow it to go any higher. It could be a good idea not to even teach children how to shift into third gear, setting a safe restriction on their speeds. Allow them to go full throttle even in second gear.

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If your youngsters reach higher gears, their safety may be jeopardized. New riders sometimes get “whiskey throttle,” which is when they roll back the throttle too far and freeze up because they are scared of how fast they are going. They don’t know that they need to let go of the throttle to slow down, so they keep going full speed ahead until they hit something and fall. It should go without saying that this is incredibly risky. And, as previously stated, putting your child in second gear or limiting the throttle on their motorcycles is a good approach to avoid such a predicament.

You can set the throttle limit on the Yamaha TTR50 simply by screwing in the bolt jutting out from under the throttle, stopping you from turning the throttle as wide.

How Can Children Ride Dirt Bikes Safely?

Any activity you engage in is destined to include some level of risk. Riding in cars, swimming, and even climbing a monkey bar can all be considered dangerous. Nonetheless, we involve our children in all of these activities because we want them to be healthy and to live their life boldly.

Dirt bike riding also exposes youngsters to several dangers, such as breaking a bone or spraining their wrists or ankles. They will undoubtedly scrape their arms and even their legs and become bruised. All of these things can happen while riding a dirt bike.

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As parents, we must decide what our risk tolerance is. Normally, one would expect parents to be unwilling to take risks that could result in significant injury to their children. In order for an action to be acceptable, the risks of major permanent damage or death must be exceedingly minimal.

After all, no one wants to put their children in situations where they could be seriously harmed. As a result, before allowing your children to participate in an activity such as dirt bike riding, you should conduct a thorough study to determine the hazards.

At first look, four-wheeled ATVs appear to be safer than dirt motorcycles, but this is not the case. If you do your study, you will discover that dirt bike riding does not represent a significant risk of damage if certain measures are taken.

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As previously stated, the first of these safeguards is an AGATT policy, which mandates that all equipment be used at all times. It makes no difference if your children are going for a short ride; all the time implies even for short rides. A second precaution is to avoid riding on official tracks and instead use dirt bikes only off-road. This is because more than half of all serious injuries caused by dirt bike riding occur at sanctioned courses with large jumps. Large jumps are the most common cause of major injury. Finally, keep your children in second gear until they are roughly 10 years old.

Your children will be quite safe if you take these steps. Hopefully, your children will like the experience of dirt bike riding and find it helpful. It will toughen them up as they learn through falls and scrapes and bruises, which are unavoidable when riding dirt bikes. Dirt bike riding will test and push their abilities, allowing them to grow. It will also boost their confidence, making it an enjoyable and educational family activity.

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How to Increase the Speed of Your 50cc Dirt Bike?

Riding a dirt bike can be fun, convenient, and exhilarating. The key to making your 50cc dirt bike go quicker is to change its gear ratio. As previously stated, larger gear ratios imply faster speeds. Regular maintenance and service can significantly improve the performance of your dirt bike.

Here are some maintenance tips to help your dirt bike go faster:

Use Only Certified Engine Oil

Use only 100% synthetic motor oil. When compared to ordinary engine oil, this type of engine oil is more effective at cooling and lubricating. Cooling and lubrication are critical for safety and performance while pushing your 50cc dirt bike beyond its recommended speed.

Remove Any Remaining Carbon Residue

Carbon residue frequently collects inside your bike’s exhaust pipe, obstructing airflow into the engine. This has an impact on the performance of your bike. Disassemble the exhaust and muffler and clean the carbon residue with a rag or brush. You may also improve the flow of air into the engine by drilling holes in it.

Take Out The Revolution Limiter

The revolution limiter can be taken out with a socket wrench or an impact wrench. A revolution limiter is a small device that is installed on a motorcycle to prevent it from exceeding a set speed. It is done to prevent 50cc dirt bikes from exceeding 30mph and to extend engine life.

Spark Plug Cleaning

Cleaning or replacing broken spark plugs increases the acceleration of your dirt bike. Additionally, switching to V-notch spark plugs can significantly improve your bike’s performance. This spark plugs light up significantly faster than standard plugs.

If you decide to make major adjustments to your dirt bike, you should know that doing so may void the warranty.

The Top 8 Dirt Bikes for Kids

Here is a brief summary of eight of the greatest dirt bikes for kids that we have examined, the majority of which are 50cc.

Before we begin, we should point out that the majority of 50cc dirt bikes on the market are excellent, with few differences between them. There is a handful out there that you should avoid. In the end, the selection of which dirt bike to buy for your child will most likely be chosen by which dirt bike is available near you at a reasonable or good price.

If you’re not sure what size dirt bike to gift your child, we recommend that youngsters between the ages of 3 and 7 acquire 50cc dirt motorcycles as a general guideline. At the age of eight, you should probably graduate them to something a little larger. However, much is dependent on individual circumstances, such as the child’s strength and height. A child might also ride the same 50cc dirt bike from the age of 6 to the age of 10.

Dirt BikeTop SpeedEngine PowerPrice
KTM 50 SX (KTM 50 SX Mini)37 mph50cc$3,849
Yamaha TTR5032 mph50cc$1,699
Yamaha PW5028 mph50cc$1,699
Honda CRF5025 mph50cc$1,649
Suzuki DRZ-5033 mph50cc$2,209
SSR 50cc28 mph50cc$569
Yamaha YZ6549.7 mph65cc$4,699
Honda CRF110F55 mph50cc$2,399
Top 8 Children’s Dirt Bikes And Their Specifics

1. KTM 50 SX (KTM 50 SX Mini)

The top speed of the KTM 50cc is 37 mph.

This dirt bike is intended for children who are serious about dirt bike riding. It’s also really expensive, so prepare your budget accordingly. It’s doubtful that any dirt bike for kids can match the KTM 50 SX Mini, a great bike that asks a fair portion of money in exchange for its quality. This dirt bike is a racing bike, so make sure that’s what you want, and it’ll be a worthwhile purchase.

It has inverted front forks, a radiator with liquid cooling, adjustable handlebars, disc brakes on both the back and front, and other fascinating features that make this dirt bike behave like a higher-end model, but on a smaller scale.

It is a 2-stroke motorcycle that requires a 60:1 oil mixture. So, before you buy a 2-stroke bike, make sure it’s exactly what you’re searching for. Buyers who do not want to deal with the inconvenience of mixing fuel may pick 4-stroke dirt bikes instead. At the same time, 2-stroke motorcycles have advantages, including low-end grunts. Your child will like his or her experience with this.

2. Yamaha TTR50

The maximum speed of the Yamaha TTR50 is 32 mph.

This dirt bike for youngsters is incredibly dependable, well-made, and fairly priced. After factoring in taxes, licenses, and other mandatory expenses, you may expect to pay close to $1700. It runs flawlessly, and your youngster will adore it. Teach your children to turn off the bike with the key and to never use the kill switch. If the child uses the kill switch to stop the bike, the battery will remain charged. This means that by the time your youngster is ready to ride the bike again, the battery will have died and it will not start. This bike does not have a kick start.

3. Yamaha PW50

The Yamaha PW50 has a top speed of 28 mph.

The PW50 is the TTR50’s identical twin. In many aspects, the bikes are very similar to one another. The primary distinction between them is found in their engines. The PW50 has an oil-injected 2-stroke engine that does not require mixing oil and gas every time. The TTR50, on the other hand, has a 4-stroke engine.

The TTR50 is often regarded as the superior of the two. It costs a little more ($100) than the PW50. We recommend the TTR50 for somewhat older children (ages 5-7), while the PW50 is probably appropriate for slightly younger children (3-4 years of age).

The TTR50 is slightly heavier and quicker than the PW50. Because the PW50 lacks a foot brake, it will not acquaint children with the controls of larger bikes.

4. Honda CRF50

The Honda CRF50 has a top speed of 25 mph.

Both the CRF50 and the Yamaha TTR50 belong to the same category and are particularly popular among children. The CRF50 costs an extra $100. It includes a kickstart. Most children are unable to kick start a bike; this is something that parents can assist their children with if the battery fails.

It is incredibly durable and moderately priced, and its controls are built up similarly to adult bike controls, making it simple for kids to graduate to larger bikes when they reach the proper age, physical qualities, and ability levels.

The CRF50 and TTR50 differ in that the former does not have the same top speed as the latter: the TTR50 tops out at 30mph, while the CRF50 tops out at 25mph. It features a 21.8-inch seat height.

5. Suzuki DRZ-50

The top speed of the Suzuki DRZ50 is 33 mph.

Suzuki’s motorcycles are equivalent to those of Honda and Yamaha. They are just as good. Suzuki’s motorcycles, like Honda’s, all have electric start. The bikes are dependable and strong, making them ideal for your children.

6. SSR 50cc

The top speed of the SSR 50cc is 28 mph.

This is the most affordable dirt bike available, with brand new models starting at $700. They are not, however, suggested for long-term use. But if you want a fun bike that you may crash, go with them. They take a lot of effort and care to keep them running.

These bikes are ideal for individuals who are used to fixing things, have a limited budget, and desperately want to acquire a new bike.

7. Yamaha YZ65

The top speed of the Yamaha YZ65 is 49.7 mph.

With a displacement of 65cc, this dirt bike is ideal for slightly older children. It has a powerful 2-stroke engine. This is a race bike, and it should be treated as such. At high speeds, it is extremely dependable, pleasant, and steady. It has a balanced feel to it, and its breaks are said to perform flawlessly. It is simple to ride, speedy, and appealing to younger riders.

8. Honda CRF110F

The Honda CRF110F has a top speed of 55 mph.

With a seat height of 26.8 inches, this bike is ideal for slightly older children aged 8 to 14. It has both an electric and a kick start, and it normally starts extremely effortlessly. It is also quite long-lasting. It also has impressive power capabilities. Unless you’re traveling on a lengthy stretch of flat dirt road, you might want to keep your child in second gear for this one. You can also use a throttle stop to keep your child from traveling too quickly.

FAQ: Riders Also Ask

Can You Slow Down a 50cc Dirt Bike For Your Small Children?

If you are concerned about your child’s safety while riding a dirt bike, the good news is that you may limit the speed of a 50cc dirt bike. There are two approaches to this. First, choose a dirt bike with a low throttle speed, such as the Razor SX500 or Yamaha PW50. Second, if you already have a bike, you can limit the speed using a kill switch or throttle limiter.

Can You Limit 50cc Dirt Bike Speed If Your Children Are So Young?

You can limit the speed of your children’s dirt bikes, especially if they are young, and this is how you can do it:

The Kill Switch

Kill switches are not common on 50cc dirt bikes; they are more common on larger-capacity bikes. You can, however, mount it on your child’s dirt bike. During an emergency, a kill switch allows you to rapidly turn off the bike’s engine.

It functions in the same way as an ignition key. Because of its location on the bike, it is easily accessible. When the dirt bike is in motion and the rider activates the kill switch, power to the engine is turned off, causing the bike to lose momentum and eventually halt. Even if you’re buying a bike for an older child, such as a 13-year-old, be sure it has this feature for safety.

Speed Limiter

A throttle limiter limits the amount of power consumed at a particular speed by restricting the turning radius of the throttle. By maintaining a safe riding speed, a throttle limiter helps new riders gain confidence on their bikes.

Rather than instructing your child to stay in low gear, a throttle limiter is a simple way to regulate how fast they ride their dirt bike. Furthermore, you can quickly reduce the throttle as they develop and get more riding experience.


A 50cc dirt bike may be both enjoyable and convenient to ride. Because they are intended for riders aged 5 to 7, they lack powerful engines that allow them to ride quickly. Some parents, though, believe they are too quick for their children.

We’ve discussed techniques to limit your child’s dirt bike speed as well as a few risk mitigation procedures to keep your children safe when riding. Otherwise, if you need extra speed on your dirt bike, we hope the recommendations above are useful. Take care not to damage or void your dirt bike’s warranty.


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