The Best 50cc Dirt Bikes for Kids (WITH REVIEWS)

Kids can ride dirt bikes safely if they are the right size. While keeping an eye on your children while they ride their dirt bikes, you should make sure they have the proper safety equipment.

A dirt bike with a 50cc engine is the smallest fuel motorcycle now available, making it an excellent choice for children aged 4 to 8 years old. When your kids’ skill level improves, you can take the training wheels off of them.

When selecting a 50cc dirt bike for your youngster, start by considering models from reliable manufacturers. Over the many years that they have been on the market, companies like Suzuki, Yamaha, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, KTM, and Honda have conducted a significant amount of studies on child safety.

Another crucial element is seat height. While riding the bike, your child’s feet should be flat on the ground. The bike’s speed should also be adjustable to accommodate your child’s ability.

So, what is the best 50cc dirt bike for your kid? Ultimately, the majority of 50cc dirt bikes are fantastic, and there aren’t many distinctions between them. I’ll highlight a couple of things to avoid in this post, but your choice will probably be based on whatever one is cheapest. The Yamaha PW50 is a 50cc dirt bike that is a great choice for your kid.

In this article, I will show you what are the best 50cc dirt bikes for kids.

The Best 50cc Dirt Bikes for Kids (WITH REVIEWS)

These are the top 8 50cc dirt bikes for your kids:

8. SSR 50cc

The SSR 50cc might be a decent option for you when looking for a bike for your novice if you’re unsure if your child will be in it for the long term and budget is a problem. These small bikes, which start at $700 for a brand-new one, are widely used as “wreck up” bikes.

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The quality of SSR is far lower than that of the other motorcycles on this list, but if you’re looking for a less expensive bike to get your child started in riding and are willing to do some minor repairs as things break, the SSR 50cc might be the best option for them.

7. Yamaha TT- R50E

Similar in appearance to the PW50 model, the Yamaha TT-R50E also boasts a 4-stroke engine and a higher 21.9 seat height. Its construction features are comparable to those of the Honda CRF50F dirt bike. However, the Honda comes with a Kickstarter, whilst the TT-R50E has an electric start.

Although it is the priciest of the three dirt bikes, it is a nice starting model for kids between the ages of 4-9.

The TT-R50E is a 2021 model that replaces the key ignition of the original TT-R50 dirt bike with an electronic push-button start. The bike has an air-cooled 4-stroke motor that is low maintenance and provides a smooth riding experience for beginners.

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In addition, it has a 3 semi-automatic transmission, which means that novice riders may practice swiftly shifting gears without having to worry about stalling or pulling clutch levers.

Despite having a slower top speed than the Honda CRF50F, this bike still has a safety throttle limiter that can be adjusted as your child improves their riding technique. Additionally, it has a small, long-travel suspension system that enables riding difficult terrain for extended periods of time pleasant on this bike.

6. Suzuki JR 50

Another two-stroke alternative for your little rider is the Suzuki JR 50. This motorcycle has a seat height of just 19 inches, a dry weight of 84 pounds, and a single-speed automatic transmission.

My chats with other bikers indicate that this motorcycle is a fantastic little two-stroke that typically starts without any issues. They use a premium 40:1 fuel mixture. Unexpectedly, this bike is among the quietest, so if your neighbors don’t ride dirt bikes, you won’t enrage them.

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Compared to other motorcycles on this list, the Suzuki JR 50 is less expensive. Around $1000 will buy a brand-new JR 50.

5. Honda CRF50F

The Honda CRF50F is known for its toughness. It is essentially impervious to harm because it was made to withstand the usual abuse from beginners.

With occasional oil changes and air filter cleanings, it will continue to function for years with little maintenance. Additionally, pay attention to its drive chain.

The 49cc four-stroke engine on the bike is its source of power. The throttle limiter can help you feel more at ease and increase safety if you are worried about the power output. The engine runs consistently and requires little upkeep.

For ultimate rideability, the CRF50F is equipped with an automated clutch. As a result, when riders completely stop, the engine won’t stall, and they won’t need to use the clutch to shift gears.

If your child has only minimal experience riding a dirt bike, this particular model comes with the option of purchasing training wheels.

The three-speed transmitter enables you to set a maximum speed for the motorcycle. Your children will be able to fully control the throttle thanks to this function, but they won’t be able to go faster until they’ve had more practice.

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Since kids can easily become thrilled on the street and seek more speed, speed regulation is crucial. Honda also chose to equip this bike with a key ignition to prevent unattended children from taking off.

Note: Your child will be able to pick up the CRF50F, which weighs 110 lbs when wet, in the majority of cases following the eventual fall. Most young riders have found a 21.5-inch seat height to be appropriate.

Your young child can easily explore by standing and sitting in a variety of positions. In muddy situations, your footing will remain stable thanks to the cleated and foldable footpegs, and further protection is provided by the foam grips and the cushioned bar protector.

While the CRF50F is the ideal mini bike available, your child will outgrow it very quickly.

4. Suzuki DR-Z50

The Suzuki DR-Z50 is yet another fantastic entry-level dirt bike option for kids. It is suggested for children aged 7 or older, but you should first assess your kid’s level of skill before letting them ride any bike.

It is driven by a 49cc four-stroke engine with sufficient torque to give your kid a manageable excitement. The motor features a smooth power spectrum, and the throttle limiter allows you to regulate peak power. Your child will ride at a great rate once they manage to hold the motorcycle’s throttle open wide.

The model’s suspension is suitable for young riders and the engine. Due to the bike’s reasonable level of impact absorption, your kid won’t be bouncing about.

The dirt bike has a ton of useful and protective features. Young riders who are still learning how to kickstart their motorcycles would benefit most from the electric start. They simply have to press a button to start moving.

The three-speed transmission can be used to regulate your little rider’s speed. You can be sure that your child’s hands won’t become weary of holding the clutch lever because shifting is as easy as gently pushing the shift lever to move to the next gear.

Young riders will find the DR-centrifugal Z50’s clutch to be an easy and enjoyable entry point into the world of transmission. The choke knob, which is located in the middle of the handlebar, is typically utilized in the early morning and on chilly days.

The bike is available in the striking Championship Yellow No.2 color. To fit the majority of novices, the seat height is 22 inches.

Note: The majority of the time, the dirt bike will be just right or slightly smaller, which is great because kids need to control their bikes for optimal safety.

It has a 5.3-inch ground clearance and a wet weight of 119 pounds. If your kid falls off while riding it, they should be capable of lifting it. You can add training wheels to the DR-Z50 until you’ve become fully convinced in your child’s skills if you are hesitant to let a young rider use it.

The DR-Z50 is generally reliable and has good driving manners.

3. Kawasaki KDX 50

The Kawasaki KDX 50 is an appealing dirt bike for kids because of its lime green color and artistic visuals. Young riders can learn the principles of the sport using its features.

Its 49cc, single-cylinder, two-stroke engine generates a flat powerband, which is great for youngsters just getting their “feet wet” with throttle control. With the help of the kid-friendly power limiter, you can manage your child’s advancement.

In order to suit kids’ growth, the dirt bike is also equipped with height-adjustable suspension, which allows the seat height to be changed by an inch. Safety will be enhanced by the auto clutch single-speed transmission.

To provide the essential off-road traction, the dirt bike has full knobby tires. Your child will be extremely safe as the bike slides down different paths, so you can relax.

Note: The KDX 50 has strong front and rear drums that can stop the bike effectively, and a kid-sized kick starter. The digital CDI ignition will make starting the motorcycle simple.

The U.S. Forest Service-certified spark arrestor further increases the motorcycle’s safety.

2. KTM 50 SX / SX Mini

Lower versions of the company’s larger dirt bike models are included on the KTM 50 SX. It has a high-quality cylinder and a liquid-cooling system installed in its 49-cc engine.

The centrifugal multi-disc automated clutch on the bike allows you to modify the bike’s speed. To select the required speed, just turn 3 8mm-head adjustment screws.

The model has a contemporary, fully adjustable air fork. Through the use of the included fork pump, the air pressure can be increased or decreased to suit the individual requirements of the rider.

A lot of work has gone into making the KTM 50 SX suitable for your young rider. The dirt bike is distinguished by KTM grips, alloy handlebars, and an easily removable gripper seat. For a terrific ride, the bike’s body is made from light, high-strength Chromoly steel.

A lot of the technology from the “larger sister” is present in the KTM 50 SX mini, but with more user-friendly power delivery. It has a kickstart-powered 49cc two-stroke engine as its power source.

For simple control and optimal performance, the engine uses a three-shaft layout that maintains the crankshaft close to the dirt bike’s gravity center.

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The KTM 50 SX mini’s wave-disc hydraulic brake system performs its job admirably, and because it is self-cleaning, maintaining is simple. The bike will train your youngster in the technical skills of the sport despite having a low seat height and small wheels.

Most 50cc dirt bikes have a top speed of 20 to 45 miles per hour. For instance, the Suzuki DRZ50’s top speed is 33 mph, whereas the Honda CRF50’s is 25 mph.

Note: For children aged 4 to 8, these speeds may appear hazardous and swift, yet the majority of them won’t even approach the rated top speeds. A 25 mph dirt bike is a great type to get kids started with because you can make sure they will not ride faster than 13 to 20 mph.

There is no appropriate speed for children because it depends on their ability. To limit your child’s ability to accelerate quickly, you can purchase bikes with throttle limiters.

Most parents prevent their children from using the full throttle by keeping them in second gear. Falling and other incidents are more likely while using higher gears.

1. Yamaha PW50

This model was first presented by Yamaha in 1981 as the Y-Zinger. It was given the PW50 name in 1991 and since then has risen to popularity in the market for mini-dirt bikes. This sturdy dirt bike will introduce your youngster to the sport and is loaded with numerous safety elements.

It is propelled by a compact 50cc torque-turned engine for performance. Your child can enjoy a moderate degree of power from its two-stroke, oil-injected motor.

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Parents can utilize the throttle control feature on the bike to restrict their children’s maximum speed. As they get more driving experience, you can change the tempo.

Because of its polypropylene bodywork, which provides maximum strength and low weight, the PW50 is also exceptionally light at just 82 pounds. The sporty design of this bike, with its white race number backgrounds placed on a blue racing body, will also pique your child’s interest and excite them.

With this product, Yamaha has emphasized user-friendliness. Only 19 inches are needed to fit your child’s height in the seat.

The rider’s safety is ensured with a length of 49 inches and a 4.1inch ground clearance. The bike has robust seat cushions with additional grips for stability, as well as broad, foldable footpegs.

The exhaust has a heat shield for additional safety, and the pipe is positioned close to the engine for more ground clearance. Beginners can use the handlebar configuration because it is similar to a bicycle’s. Your child only needs to do a “twist-and-go” movement to start the bike because the transmission is fully automatic.

With the PW50, you can forget about maintenance. Due to the separate oil tank for two-stroke engines, the users do not have to pre-mix the fuel and oil before starting the engine.

Note: The model’s shaft-drive mechanism makes ownership simple and requires little upkeep, and the wheels don’t need to have their spokes constantly replaced or tightened.

How to Buy the Best 50cc Dirt Bike?

It could be vital to comprehend what some of the key specifications mean for you before purchasing a 50cc dirt bike. Let’s discuss the key factors to bear in mind before purchasing a 50cc bike for your young rider.

1. Which Is Better: 2-Stroke Versus 4-Stroke Engines?

Depending on the model, the majority of 50cc dirt bikes have a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine. 2-stroke engines with air cooling are frequently lighter and have greater performance than 4-stroke engines. They become more suitable for trail riding on 4-stroke bikes and motocross racing.

The KTM 50 SX Mini and the Yamaha PW50 are two examples of 50cc dirt bikes for kids that have fully automated transmissions, despite the fact that they could be more difficult to operate due to the frequent gear shifting.

In addition to being more effective and less expensive to replace, the 2-stroke dirt bikes’ engines are also simpler than those of the 4-stroke variants. Unfortunately, they are noisier than 4-stroke dirt bikes and necessitate more frequent servicing.

In contrast, 4-stroke motorcycle engines are more complicated than 2-stroke engines since they contain more moving parts. In contrast to a 2-stroke engine, a 4-stroke engine typically completes two crankshaft revolutions to complete one engine cycle.

A softer ride is provided by the 4-stroke type even though it may be less functional than the 2-stroke. Because they are easier to control, they are more suited for novices and for handling dirt trails.

2. Landscape

When deciding what kind of dirt bike to buy for your child, consider the location they will be riding on. Based on the riding environment, there are typically four different types of dirt bikes. Motocross, trails, enduro (dual-sport), and trials are a few of them. Nevertheless, the MX and trail motorcycles will be your top priorities when purchasing a 50cc dirt bike for your child.

Generally, trail bikes are less expensive than MX bikes because they have lower specifications. They are also easier for beginners to ride and feature softer suspension, which makes them suitable for extended trips.

Motocross bikes, in contrast, are more appropriate for experienced riders because they are faster, lighter, and feature stiffer suspension. Additionally, they have a higher seat position than trail bikes, making them more suitable for older children.

3. Suspension

In contrast to MX bikes, which have changeable upside-down forks, trail 50cc dirt bikes often have minimal ground clearance and non-adjustable suspension systems. Contrary to conventional forks, USD forks are more responsive to unexpected changes in how the bike is being maneuvered.

Additionally, the adjustable feature enables you to customize the product by adjusting the handlebar and seat heights. On the other hand, when riding at a top speed, the changes might also affect how well the vehicle handles and how steadily it brakes.

4. Transmission

The top 50cc dirt bikes are primarily designed for younger riders and come equipped with either a semi-automatic transmission or a completely automatic gearbox. Additionally, these bikes typically target the entry-level market.

The Yamaha PW50 has a fully automated transmission, in contrast to the 3-speed semi-automatic transmission seen on mini dirt bikes like the Yamaha TT-R50E and the Honda CRF50F, which makes it much quicker to maneuver across bumpy tracks.

The KTM 50 SX Mini, on the other hand, has a single-speed gearbox that enables your child to focus on controlling the bike at a constant speed and makes the transition for kids into motocross racing relatively easy.

Kids’ 50cc dirt bikes are also available with an electric or a Kickstarter started. The Yamaha TT-R50E has an e-start technology that enables your child to start the vehicle without an adult’s assistance. Furthermore, it makes trail riding more convenient as you won’t have to start your dirt bike in the midst of a slope. Even so, the majority of 50cc dirt bikes arrive with Kickstarter, which requires adult help and support and is a manual process.

5. Servicing

The best 50cc dirt bikes are often simple to maintain and simply need routine maintenance to be in peak shape. Furthermore, it is critical to maintaining the bike after each ride by cleaning to avoid damage and lubricating the parts to avoid rust. In order to keep the starter battery from deteriorating, we also advise removing it and connecting it to a trickle charger.

FAQ: Riders Also Ask

Can Kids Ride a 50cc Dirt Bike Safely?

As with any other sport, dirt biking carries with it the possibility of injury, and it is ultimately up to the parents to select which kinds of activities they feel comfortable letting their children participate in.

You need to be aware of the potential risks associated with the activity in order to come to an intelligent conclusion regarding whether or not you should introduce your children to the sport in question.

The ideal size to meet your young riders to dirt biking is a 50cc dirt bike. Even if you can’t protect your children from every possible danger, you can make sure they have the skills they need to face whatever challenges they face along the road.

No matter how long the ride, your child should start out with the proper safety equipment. Purchase top-notch knee pads, riding boots, gloves, helmets, and other protective gear.

There is also the option of installing training wheels on the 50cc dirt bike, which should be done until the rider is more adept at controlling the motorbike.

Note: With the help of a throttle limiter, you may choose the acceleration rates; however, you can only change the rate as the child’s skill increases. Additionally, you must always keep an eye on your child riding the 50cc dirt bike.

To provide additional motivation for your kid rider, you might even take the other members of the family out for a ride.

What 50cc Dirt Bike Is the Fastest?

A trail mini dirt bike’s top speed is between 20 to 45 mph, and motocross bikes can reach up to 50 mph. Yet, speed kits are available independently for motocross bikes whereas throttle limiters are often integrated into trail dirt bikes.

Which 50cc Dirt Bike for Children Is the Best?

The best 50cc dirt bike for your child will depend on a number of factors, including cost, age, your kid’s size, and ability level. Young 5-year-olds should consider the Yamaha PW50, while older kids should consider the TT-R50EHonda CRF50F, and Suzuki DR-Z50. The KTM 50 SX Mini, in contrast, is perfect for experienced riders who enjoy motocross racing.

What Is the Price of a 50cc Dirt Bike?

A 50cc dirt bike’s price is determined by its manufacturer and characteristics. While motocross motorcycles are normally more expensive, with the cheapest costing at least $3,500, the trail dirt bikes on this list are more affordable, with prices ranging from $1,000 to $2,000.

Is a 50cc Dirt Bike Safe?

Although there are some risks associated with riding motorbikes, 50cc dirt bikes include equipment that makes them appropriate for young children to use. Protection from engine and exhaust heat, variable top speed controls, and stability-increasing training wheels are all standard features.

How Do You Take Care Of A 50cc Dirt Bike?

To make sure your 50cc dirt bike lasts a long time, you must maintain it. The manufacturer will provide instructions on how often fluid levels should be checked and how often the oil should be changed. Inspect for leaks and frequently inspect and tighten any loose fasteners.

After a dirty ride, washing the bike is also advised. Given that pressure washes can force water into areas where mechanical components are present, you can perform it utilizing the proper brushes and a bucket of water.


Your children will have a lot of fun learning how to ride a dirt bike with a 50cc model, which is a great way to get them started. Their top speeds range from 20 to 45 mph, but on the majority of types, you can set a speed limit.

To reduce the risks of any injuries, make sure your children are properly protected.

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